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Engineering Design

Globally accepted designs and calculations are done by technically innovative professional experts with high proficiency levels. Computations and analysis are made with the aid of U.S Military acknowledged engineering software specifically intended for engineering designs.

Cost Estimate

Detailed and precise cost estimations are prepared by well trained and fully qualified engineers. Geared with dependable estimating materials such as Planswift software, RSMeans Cost from Gordian (40th annual edition) and other reliable references, accurate costings are guaranteed.


In a quick and efficient time frame, we can provide competitive engineering services and solutions for a wide range of projects starting from simple to complex infrastructures. Consultations can be done through online services and/or personal meetings. Project site visits, site surveys and coordination meetings are also attended by our engineers whenever requested and/or needed.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

With the use of AutoCAD software, accurate 2-D, 3-D and isometric drawings comprised within required plans and specifications are also done. Other services such as file conversions from PDF to CAD files are also included.

Civil Engineering

(1) Roads and Bridges

(2) Energy and Water Supply

(3) Waste Network/Sewage Treatment Plant

(4) Flood Controls

(5) Environmental/Geotechnical


(1) Develop Reports and Drawings

(2) Design Buildings

(3) Ensure that Designs are Functional, Safe, Sustainable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Structural Engineering

(1) Concerns with the Design and Integrity of the Building and other Structures

(2) Investigate and Survey of Builds Sites to determine the Suitability of the Sites

(3) Calculate Loads and Stresses

Mechanical Engineering

(1) Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

(2) Plumbing Systems

(3) Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems

(4) Heat Exchangers and Refrigerators

Electrical Engineering

(1) Lighting Power System

(2) Fire Alarm and Mass Notification Systems

(3) Telecommunication and Data Systems




We highly value excellence, quality, precision, time frame, clients’ satisfaction and liaison.

With EV Sinogba Consulting Engineers, you can never go wrong.



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